BAMMA 14: Prelims

BAMMA 14: Prelims

Below are all the prelim bouts held at BAMMA 14 on the 14th December 2013, at the LG Arena in Birmingham.  For all the latest video uploads you can subscribe to the BAMMA You Tube feed HERE


Ben "Flubber" Rees Vs. Ed Arthur


Curtis "The Farmer" Widmer Vs. Matt "Farmer Boy" Hallam


Tim "The Yeti" Menzies Vs. James "The Mood" Samuda

Tim "The Experiment" Wilde Vs. Jefferson "Shadow Demon Blaximus" George


Zi Shah Vs. Andy Craven


Matt "The Wrecking Machine" Howard Vs. Harry "Mad Mac" McLeman


Wendle "Nice Guy" Lewis Vs. Leon "Rocky" Edwards


James "The Tie Dye Samurai" Saville Vs. Tom "Fire Kid" Duqesnoy (Available in the UK 14/01/14)


BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight Title

Wayne "Caveman" Murrie Vs. Micheal "Black Death" Johnson