Injury Update - Catching Up With "Fast" Eddy Ellis

Injury Update - Catching Up With "Fast" Eddy Ellis

It's been a few months now since we have checked in with BAMMA World Welterweight Champion "Fast" Eddy Ellis, so we picked up the phone and got the latest from the champion himself.

1. Eddy Happy New Year! Hope you had a great Christmas, first the all important question hows the jaw and whats the latest on your recovery?

Had a great 1st New Year and Christmas with our new little one!  My jaw is definitely getting better, the recovery has been tremendously slower than I had expected!  It has taken some time for my teeth to line back up, and I'm still experiencing numbness covering three of the teeth were the jaw separated.

2. What have you been doing with all your time off & when do think we are likely to see you back in the BAMMA cage?

Time off maybe from workouts but, I haven't taken a second from the gym. I've been drilling and instructing daily. My return to the BAMMA cage is still rather vague. I hope to be back within 2014. I haven't been on the mat for anything live yet. So that will determine my return time.

3. You have mentioned that you would like to face Paul "Semtex" Daley for the title, what did you think of his performance at BAMMA 14?

Paul had a good performance, I expect that out of guys at his caliber.  My goal is to fight the best in the world. I think he has faced some of the highest level competition outside of BAMMA.  It would be exciting to fight such an opponent!

4. The fans really want to see you rematch "Judo" Jim Wallhead, do you think that will be your first match back and what did you think of that slam KO of Florent Betorangal at BAMMA 14?

Like I said, I want to fight the best there is.  As for my next fights? My manager got me the fight with Jim, he is confident in my skill, so I am confident in his ability to set my fights as he sees best for my career.  Jim had an exceptional win at BAMMA 14.  I think he is as dangerous as they come.  If Daley hadn't come back to BAMMA, Jim would be the only fight worth doing!

5. What message do you have for the BAMMA fans & any potential opponents?

OK guys you saw me fight 3 rounds with a busted jaw, and pull off the W.  Now let me show you how can really fight at 100%

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Below is the title fight between Eddy Ellis & Jim Wallhead from BAMMA 13: Night Of Champions