"My Time Is Now" - Regis Sugden

"My Time Is Now" - Regis Sugden

Regis Sugden is relishing the opportunity to fight for his first championship belt this September at BAMMA 22.
The 19-year-old prospect said “my time is now” as he prepares to fight for the BAMMA Lonsdale British Bantamweight belt against Northern Ireland’s Alan Philpott in Dublin’s 3 Arena.

Sugden said this is the right step after beating everyone that has been put in front of him so far in his fledgling BAMMA career.

However, those opponents have been described as “bums” by talker Philpott who is looking to get back on the winning path after defeat to Ed Arthur at BAMMA 20.

Sugden is not interested in a war of words though and instead remains focussed on achieving his goal of winning his first MMA belt.

He said: “He can say what he wants but at the end of the day I’m moving up the ladder and when we get in that cage on 19 September there will be nowhere for him to hide. So he can carry on talking, it's just going to get worse for him.”

He added: “However long this fight takes, I can only guarantee one thing – my arm will be getting raised by the end.”

Sugden is very much a part of a team and has faith in his coaches to come up with a game plan to beat Philpott.

With help from the likes of Dan Hardy and Jimmy Wallhead as well as being under the tutelage of dad Dean, you can be sure he will be well prepared for his title shot.

He said: “My body feels better than ever – I love being busy, it keeps me getting fitter, stronger and more dangerous all the time.

“I’ve been away for a nice holiday recently and, by the time BAMMA 22 comes around, I will have had a good four or five months’ break from fighting, which will give me the opportunity to learn so many new skills. This is more than enough time out of the cage for me.”