Canadian Ninja

Canadian Ninja

When Jeremy ‘Ninja’ Petley enters the arena at this summer's hottest event, he will tie for the most appearances under the BAMMA banner, sitting alongside Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher and two division World Champion Tom ‘Firekid’ Duquesnoy on 8 fights. While Duquesnoy & Fletcher are certainly more widely known, Petley has built a solid record of 11-8-1 and now faces fast rising prospect Andre ’TUGAPOWER’ Goncalaves in what could well be the start of Petley's charge to the title. 

"Getting that win in Bellator was a a big monkey of the back for me. I knew that my losses had come at the hands of some of the best fighters in Europe and I was still improving as a fighter, but losses are still losses. So getting back in that win column was hugely liberating and puts me in a great position to make a run for that title and establish myself as one the UK's best fighters." - Jeremy 'Ninja' Petley

Petley’s pedigree in BAMMA is already well noted, with people still to this day talking about his come from behind win to defeat Dyson Roberts which at the time was considered a huge shock.

"As epic a comeback as it was, for me the Dyson Roberts fight is a more enjoyable fight to watch than to be a part of. Dyson had good takedown defence and his striking was on point! So when I finally hit the takedown after taking such a beating I knew that I may not get another opportunity to win the fight. And when I managed to take the back and sink in the rear naked I knew it was special." - Jeremy 'Ninja' Petley

However, it’s the blitzkrieg in Blackpool that is the true stand out fight, as Petley faced Martin ’50 Cal’ Stapleton for the BAMMA Lightweight World Title at BAMMA 19 in 2015. Featuring on the same card as Marc ‘Bonecrusher’ Diakiese Vs. Jack ‘The Pilgrim’ McGann, it served as the main event and it what was nothing short of a three round back and forth epic. You can watch the fight of the year contender below.

"I had been working my hands extensively for a while before the Stapleton fight, so with my new found skill set, I was pretty happy to stand and trade and keep things on the feet. I think that's why it ended up being such a good fight because we both had some great back and forth exchanges. My over eagerness to strike proved to be my downfall in the end as , head kick aside, I think mixing up my strikes with more committed takedown attacks could have made the difference."  - Jeremy 'Ninja' Petley

The Canadian, who now lives in London and trains out the London Fight Factory, also serves as one of the head coaches that are now steadily bringing through a new generation of fighters However, Petley believes this is still his time and that he is only improving with age. This all leads to September 15th as Jeremy ‘Ninja’ Petley faces Goncalves at The SSE Arena, Wembley with the goal of moving up the ladder towards title contention and cementing his legacy as the ‘Canadian Ninja’.

"Andre is a tough and well rounded young fighter but I am not a gatekeeper nor a stepping stone. So on sept 15th I intend on imposing my authority and finishing the fight. Sending the message that I am I title contender and a force in the featherweight division." - Jeremy 'Ninja' Petley

BAMMA London takes place at the SSE Arena, Wembley on Friday 15th September and tickets are on sale now from