Andy ‘Taz’ Young Speaks Out

Andy ‘Taz’ Young Speaks Out

With the World Flyweight title being decided at BAMMA 32 between Andy ‘Taz’ Young and Daniel Barez, sat down with the interim champ whilst he was taking a short break in training.

Andy, how is training coming together?

“Training is going fantastic, I've improved significantly in every area and I ma on a different level right now. With the last couple of week's training, it's all about keeping the body and mind in peak condition, and getting prepped to make weight.”

Have you made any drastic changes ahead of this huge bout with Barez?

“No not really, I've worked on all areas and I’m ready to be flexible and adapt in there.”

And what are your thoughts on the challenger and European title holder Daniel Barez?

“He's a game opponent,well rounded and I like his style, he brings it. So I know our fight will be electric, and fight of the night for sure.”

That brings us around to the previous title holder Rany Saadeh, who has since vacated the title, did you want that rematch (Andy Young lost a razor think Decision to Saadeh at BAMMA 24)?

I believed after the first fight, which every knew was so close and many saw me as the victor, that we would fight again. Especially as Saadeh said openly we should have a rematch. When he had time to think it over he realised it was too dangerous for him. I called him out multiple times with no reply. He also now moved up to Bantamweight to avoid me. So now I have to concentrate on Barez, as I take what’s rightfully mine.”

Beyond Barez, are there any other title challenges that you’d like to face in the near future?

“I know there's a few guys out there such as Pietro Menga and Sam Creasey, but I know I’m the best out there so I’m ready for any of them. I’m always grateful to have the honour and privilege to go in and compete. Especially as World champion and on such a great stage as BAMMA.”

Finally, why should people tune in for your World Title fight with Daniel Barez?

“He should of just stayed at home getting some tapsas...coming over here, all he will be getting is tapped out.

Every fight I'm in is always electric, I leave it all out there. Flyweights don't stop and with a game opponent in Barez, the two of us will be guaranteed to get that entire arena on it's feet! I'll finish this fight and get the win for the Dublin fans!“

BAMMA Dublin takes place on Friday 10th November at the 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland.  Tickets are on sale now from