Shay Walsh Returns?

Shay Walsh Returns?

The exciting news on an imminent return to action for BAMMA Bantamweight Shay Walsh has begun to circulate. Shay Walsh announced his return to full time training with the additional news that he has also opened his own MMA gym.

To find out how Walsh is getting on contacted the former champ to get the lowdown.

"My recovery has gone well and I'm back to full training and sparring.  It was definitely a hard couple of months after the fight with my face being sore and unable to train and live the lifestyle I usually do, but that's all in the past.

I've opened up my own MMA gym in Lancaster and so the future is looking up. I'm unsure when my next fight will be, but I will be talking to the guys at BAMMA and keeping a close eye on the division to see what's next for me" - Shay Walsh

With the BAMMA Bantamweight division looking stronger than ever, the next few months could get interesting...