The Dark Clown Rises

The Dark Clown Rises

With the announcement of a rematch with Walter 'The Sniper' Gahadza to take place at BAMMA 34: Lohore Vs. Brazier, The Freakshow sat down to speak exclusively to He talks about his last fight with Anthony 'La Masse' Dizy, his long career and why he's never chased titles.

Let's start by talking about BAMMA Newcastle. Things didn't exactly go your way, so are you planning on changing anything for your rematch with Walter?

This is MMA, everything is changing and moving all the time, so I'm sure we are both completely different people and fighters than what we both were last time. In regard to changing anything, not massively. I keep my game plans loose with all the variables involved, I'd be silly to think something was a sure thing, but I will attack many different areas as the fight progresses, depending on how long it lasts.

How has the sport changed over the years since you first started out?

Well it is a sport in itself now instead of a good BJJ guy against a striker or wrestler etc. Now everyone is fully developed in all areas.

You've never really campaigned for title shots in your career, why is that?

I honestly do care about titles! I just want to put on a show and hear the audience cheer. I'd rather be known for that, than a guy who played it safe to keep my record looking good or hanging on to a belt for forever.

After the rematch with Walter on the 9th March, will you be staying at Welterweight or moving back and forth between the Lightweight division as well?

I'm definitely staying at Welterweight now.

You have a legion of fans who over the years have followed you through thick and thin, do you have any message for them at all?

I LOVE you guys! You hard working guys and girls who spend their hard earned cash to buy tickets are what it's all about for me. I'd gladly bleed for the true MMA fans who want to come and appreciate my style and the sport overall.

Finally, I'd just like to say that for a long time I've battled personal demons and it's affected every part of my life! But now I'm a different guy, I've got a new outlook and focus and drive. Everything might be done with a smile on my face, but it's very serious.

Colin 'The Freakshow' Fletcher Vs. Walter 'The Sniper Gahadza II takes place at BAMMA 34: Lohore Vs. Brazier at the SSE Arena, Wembley, London and you can book your tickets now at